Industrial Gases

AirLife will cater reliably supplies the required gases at the required time through its optimized supply system in response to the needs of its customers

  • Liquid Helium
  • Liquid Argon/Oxygen/Nitrogen
  • Liquified Natural gas (LNG)



AirLife has secured the molecule of Helium directly from source by partnering with Tier 1, Tier 2 helium majors to secure more products and be efficient for managing the logistics.

With it’s own fleet of Helium ISO tanks, AirLife manages to source helium through  various sources.

Facility in Pune, Maharashtra, India has been completely built with automation and is one of the most modern facility in the country. This will have complete operation of Liquid & Gas, Diving Mixture fillings

Speciality Gases

We deliver these gases in cylinders, Packs and as cryogenic liquids according to the volumes and gas purities requirement by the customer.

Pure Gases

AirLife deals in range of High Purity Pure gases upto 6.0 grades, Rare gases, Electronic & Semiconductor grades, Calibration standards, Hydrocarbon Mixtures, liquid blends used for important & complex applications served in industries such as Petrochemicals, Surface coatings on metal, Pharmaceutical, Research & Development, Laser, etc.