Bulk gases such as Liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon play an indispensable role in a wide range of industrial sectors including steel, chemical, food and automobile production, construction, and shipbuilding.

AirLife will cater reliably supplies the required gases at the required time through its optimized supply system in response to the needs of its customers, based on its richness of experience and technical expertise accumulated over many years.

  • Liquid Helium
  • Liquid Argon/Oxygen/Nitrogen
  • Liquified Natural gas (LNG)

Supplying ultra-pure gases from our extensive global network of plants in bulk liquid or compressed form to storage facilities at your site.



AirLife delivers Industrial packaged gases and gas mixtures for an extensive range of applications. We provide many packaging options depending on application and the type of gas requirement.

  •  Pure Gases
  • Argon Mix Gases
  • Mini Bulk

Supplying Cryogenic Liquids vide oceans from one country to other; the only means to package & supply them in large quantities is vide cryogenic ISO Tanks. Depending on the nature of product, the Tanks are selected as IMO5, IMO7, etc. For Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen mostly IMO7 type ISO tanks are used.

ISO tanks may also be used to transport the cryogenic Liquid Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen within the country to cater to bulk supplies of these gases.

AirLife specializes in managing these ISO tanks very efficiently for supplies of cryogenic liquids.  It has the largest fleet in the country to cater to domestic as well as other countries in Middle East & Indian sub-continent.

The ISO tanks, primarily, either owned, leased or customer owned are handled efficiently with 100% compliance. Owing to its ownership and/or long-term contracts with Tank leasing companies, Tank management companies, it has rapidly secured itself as one of the leading players in this line of business. In this current pandemic situation, Medical Oxygen has been the pick of the products in this line of activity.